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Hawaii Lowline Cattle Company is proud to be part of the resurgence in Hawaii of raising and finishing cattle locally, on pasture. The farm was started by Rick and Haleakala Sakata and Dwayne and Tammie Cypriano, both of Ahualoa, Hawaii. Dwayne Cypriano, an independent rancher who formerly worked in cow-calf operations (keeping a breeding herd of cows and weaning calves for the feedlot system), and Rick Sakata saw an opportunity to do their part to advance Hawaii’s food self-sufficiency by building a herd of Lowline Angus cattle on their ranches.

Lowlines are Angus beef cattle in a compact, smaller frame size. They originated in Australia, where the beef is known for its excellent taste, texture and tenderness characteristics,” Sakata explained. We were looking for two things when establishing our herd: more efficiently converted grass to meat than today’s larger breeds. Because of their moderated size, two Lowlines can use the pasture space of one of today’s larger breeds, providing more beef per acre of grass and making the land more productive. That’s very important on an island with limited pasture space.

The Sakatas and Cyprianos purchased their first Lowlines at the start of 2008 and brought them to Hawaii from the mainland. They had the cattle flown in instead of shipped so that the journey would be less stressful, even tough it was more expensive. “We want to take great care of our cattle and go the extra mile,” Rick Sakata says. “That’s why we decided to apply to Animal Welfare Approved – it aligned nicely with our beliefs and will give our customers another reason to trust the quality and integrity of our product.” Hawaii Lowline Cattle Company’s herd of Lowlines is currently the only registered Lowlines in the state of Hawaii and when the first calf was born in September 2008, it was cause for celebration. ” Our first island born calf.” Sakata says proudly. “A true Hawaiian.”

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